Being Present

Sitting here and looking out over the picturesque valley, I can’t believe how lucky I am, To be able to live and work amongst such beauty.

When we first moved up to Roleystone over a year ago, everyday was like Christmas. From breathtaking winter fogs in the early morning to the amazing burnt sky sunsets on a summer evening. Now, 18 months later, I still find myself getting to work late because I have fixated on watching a bird up a tree while having a morning coffee and I am always awestruck at watching the rains coming over the valley.

Since opening Shambala, I have met so many gorgeous local ladies and for the most part, each one has something in common, myself included. Tension. Inability to let go and relax. Not making their needs a priority. Thinking about where they need to be next. Basically in a nutshell, not being present.

What is Being Present? Why is it so important? Being present gives you a chance to take time out from the constant mind chatter that we are so good at creating for ourselves. It allows us time to honour our physical body and how incredible it is. Our heart, lungs, skin etc. How they function without us having to do a thing. Honour our surroundings and breathe in the incredibly fresh air to nourish these organs. Listen to the birds, the wind in the trees and really stop to smell some roses. Honouring yourself and where you are in the present moment is such a nurturing practise. Our lives are so busy and we get so caught up in our beautiful stories that we forget who, what and where we are.

This practice is soooooo easy to do up here. We really are so lucky. It’s such a blessing to be able to offer treatments in such beautiful surroundings to allow this time for people. Incorporating crystal and aromatherapy during treatments enables you to ease into this space with little effort and its a blessing to see the change in my clients as they emerge from the treatment room.

Do your self a favour and take time for YOU! Sit and Breathe, Listen, See, Smell, Feel. Honour your beautiful self.