Upon completing my Master Holistic Counselling Diploma and 5 years as a Self mastery coach and facilitator, my counselling sessions provide a safe space for you to receive guidance and mentoring on all levels of physiological and psychological needs. How is this different to regular counselling? A holistic councillor considers the whole. The Mind, Body and spiritual needs of the client. I offer tools of assistance to help you moving forward from your session as well as providing a broader vision on new potentials that my be stepping forward for you to see. The session may include energy work and body work on the table if guided to receive.

Chakra Crystal Healing
A guided meditation with intuitive crystal placement to open and activate the chakras in your energy body. Perfect pick me up for when you feel energetically drained or in need of balance. Allow 45 mins.
Holistic Counselling & Meditation Sessions
1 Hour$95
2 Hours$185


Relax and unwind. Using an intuitively hand pick blend of essential oils to balance and support your being.

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage — 30 mins.$60
Full Body Massage — 60 mins.$110
Hot Stone Massage — 90 mins.$140
Hot Stone Massage — 45 mins.$75

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